Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Born 2 Be Wild!

One of my face painting models covered in team spirit. They were the warriors, so I painted a hatchet and some "war gear" on her for battle...

Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire!

(flaming softball)


Goodness Graciousness....Summer heat and softballs in the park= lots and lots of excitement, like the video. Check it out!


This summer, the boys seemed to love skulls, dragons, etc! I admit, painting these images was a nice break from puppies, hearts, flowers and butterflies...

Just Keep Swimmin' ...Just Keep Swimmin'..


(Purple Frog with a 5 in his mouth)

(Penguin with a 3 in his tummy-matches player's number)

What day of face painting is complete without some underwater critters,

their Artic buddies, and some froggy friends?


I was not expecting to find my "inner disney" at this event, but I did... I reached far back into the recesses of my mind to remember what Donald duck and Eeyore where like on TV. Patrons also brought me pictures of famous characters and symbols (from stickers, t-shirts, rings, etc.) and asked me to paint those images on their bodies and faces.
Eeyore and the number of a softball player etched on a girl's arm.

Who Let the Dogs Out?

WHO LET THE DOGS OUT??? Bark, Bark, Bark!
Who know puppy dogs could be so popular this summer and so cute on kids faces and arms?